Feel free to take the test "How privileged are you?". If you enter your score via my chatbot and your score is lower than mine, I will email you a 33% discount coupon for all courses. Let me invest in the future of all our children.

Table of prices

USD vs. EUR, inclusive discounts

USD 33 % Discount
Original price Inclusive price
 $                 49,00  $                  32,83
 $               195,00  $                130,65
 $               495,00  $                331,65

Euro 33 % Discount
Original price Inclusive price
              41,65 €                27,91 €
            165,75 €              111,05 €
            420,75 €              281,90 €

I thank A. v. V. for sharing this test (authored by Rega Jha &  Tommy Wesely) with me. I use it for building a community within my own real-life students to raise awareness for diversity, inclusion and belonging.

Why is my #AllYouCanLearnBuffet so affordable?

Since 16.03.2020, which marks the beginning of the Corona pandemic in Germany, I shared my learnings as a digital lecturer regularly and for free in LinkedIn and Instagram, so that I could inspire and empower professors, lecturers, readers and teacher. I'm convinced, every day a student cannot learn in an inspired learning set-up is wasted. Offering affordable prices is my investment in our future experts and leaders.