Key take-away for my clients

Maren (2019, then a PhD student in my two-day-group workshop at the Research School, RUB, Germany)

Eleonore's workshop guided me when I was just about to finish my PhD at university, where I had been working as a scientist the last 5 years. Back then I was strong in my conviction to embark on a new career path full of possibilities in the industry sector. But it was challenging for me to know for which kind of positions in industry I would be the perfect fit for and how the skills I'd acquired could be beneficial in industrial companies.  

The two day workshop "career change: from research to industry" from Eleonore back in 2019 offered by the institution of my university "RUB research school" perfectly addressed my then current needs and challenges towards a career change. We identified what skills can be transferred from research to industry and how we could strategically plan our career, based on our newly gained insights. We also reflected on what we wanted not only in our jobs but also as a life vision (the most emotional task in the Eleonore's updated course #CareerTransitionIntoBusiness). Last but not least she gave us ideas for a strategic action plan guiding us on our personal next steps after the workshop. I also appreciated that during the workshop we looked at real-life examples and also got the chance to exchange experiences with Eleonore herself and with the other workshop participants. 

After I finished my PhD in 2020 I got an exciting job as a project and process manager in industry. I’m happy I got the chance to participate in Eleonore's workshop beforehand because it really helped me through the process to get where I wanted to be and where I am right now.

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Aki (2021, now a PhD student, my M. Sc. alumna & tutor for forthcoming students)

Being at a turning point in my life, Eleonores’ online academy helped me learn about the important details of gaining targeted perspective and most importantly attempting to control my own professional luck. 

I already benefited from Eleonores’ future-oriented teaching (check out #AllYouCanLearnBuffet for Eleonores’ didactic style) as her student at FOM University of Applied Sciences and was highly impressed by her commitment to the students as well as by her expertise

A few months ago, I graduated with a distinctive grade but now what? Does it all come down to luck and how can we control it? For participants, who are wondering where they should even begin to tackle the task to progress in their careers or find a new career, the course “Promoviert und jetzt?” offers great insight not only into a self-reflective journey but also into the steps we need to take to find, acquire and succeed in our career transition.

The courses are to the point, interactive and self-paced. I could easily fit them into my daily schedule and spend as much time as needed on specific tasks. On top of that, Eleonore offers to answer questions via E-Mail so the experience becomes individual

All in all I am very excited to apply what I have learned!

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Dominika (2021, then a M. Sc. student in my lectures of Industrial & Occupational Psychology, FOM Hochschule, Germany, and my quality assurance)

From the side of a student I can tell it was one of the best learning experiences I had while working with Prof. Dr. Eleonore Soei-Winkels’ Online Academy for #PostdocTransformation, specifically the course “Promoviert und jetzt?”.

As a M. Sc. student of Eleonore in her own real semester long lectures, I benefit from her didactic concept explained in her course #AllYouCanLearnBuffet.

Due to her broad expertise, which ranges from psychology to IT, you feel very well taken care of from the very beginning and immediately get hungry for more. 

What do I mean by more? To find out more about her and her career path and how she mastered it with brilliant achievement. More of her knowledge from IT, because nowadays technology and digitization are more important than ever. Eleonore is at the forefront of this development and reflects this development in her content, but also in the structure and design of her academy and in the associated courses. 

Aren't we all a little afraid of change? That is what development constantly carries with it in the future. For you as a participant, Eleonore takes away this fear and supports you in finding your personal and tailor-made path. Don't we all know that, we sit in a lecture or a training session and constantly look at the clock to see when this monologue will be over? 

This will not happen to you in Eleonore's course, because she excites and inspires not only with the content of her courses, but also with the methodology and didactic, which she applies

The courses are very interactive, diversified and expand your knowledge. A wide-ranging mix of gamification, self-reflection questions, videos, so that you feel personally cared for, even if Eleonore is not there live, but also materials in exemplified text form so that you can come back to it again and again. 

The best thing is that you can be totally flexible in terms of your participation, but also your progress in the course. Have you just started the course and realize that you don't have time? This is not a problem at all, because on Eleonore's platform you can start again whenever you want, exactly at the point where you finished before. 

Shape your future personally and flexibly, according to your wishes. 

Overall, I am very happy, impressed and inspired by this modern way of learning and recommend others to join Prof. Dr. Eleonore Soei-Winkels’ Online Academy. 

I am excited for more courses to come and will certainly take part in these as well! 

Eleonore, you are an inspiration and a role-model for all students, keep it up!

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